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My review of the "Tiger in you" by Shiraz Mukherjee

Tiger In You
[Here's a review I did in Goodreads for a book I just finished reading on the 8th of November 2016, which I enjoyed reading and recommend]

Tiger In You by Shiraz Mukherjee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This sounded like a fantastic book to read - and it is on one level - Shiraz takes us on a very interesting and enchanting journey into the Sunderbans though the eyes of 5 Mumbai college friends. The characters and the events, who they are and what they encounter are well developed, with the interesting twist of looking for and trying to find, realize the Tiger in each one of us.
I highly recommend it. The other fantastic, popular book on the Sunderbans, of course, is the well-written book by Amitav Ghosh - "The Hungry Tide." Ghosh is a better writer than Mukherjee, and had much better editors and proof-readers.
I got irritated at some points - for eg on pages 220-221 - the amount of money collected for setting up an insurance fund for honey-bee collectors 'totaled .. Rs 375" on p. 220, but turned into, suddenly, "roughly Rs. 800" What! How can that be? Maybe p. 220 was a mistake, and meant Rs. 753? Not good.
eg for plot - after the attack one night, one attacker is killed and left on the ground, but next day the police and people have no clue and cannot figure out who were their attackers - hey, why doesn't the police or anyone identify who the body is and then who are the persons friends, family, associates? Stupid. Please include some simple logic here or some other explanation.
eg use of some words or phrases p. 323 "He [Lobo bhai] soon got tired and went to a corner to grab a drink of water when his wife, ABC boudi, encountered him." encountered him? what? How about embraced him or smiled at him or greeted him or ???
eg repetitive, poor and unimaginative writing - p. 295
How long had he waited for this day.
"I have waited for this day. . ." Please!
Oh, well, yes, these are very minor points - but could have easily been corrected, changed, improved - it's just irritating and takes away from the whole book.
Hope, however other people will enjoy this fascinating book.
Don't buy this book - get it through your library, see
and if your library doesn't have it, request they buy it from Amazon or other places. Spread the word.
A 'old' elementary school friend of mine has written several inspirational books which happened to have Tiger in their title, see
by Marilyn Becker Peters - "Tiger Domain" (2009), Paw Prints of the Tiger (2006), and "Stripes of the Tiger." look them up, buy, read, enjoy, be inspired. Many tiger tails.

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