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GIPL 2004

Bihar 64
Agriculture, Bihar 15
Caste B 79
C&P, B 80
Children, employment, B 92
Communalism B 105
Education, primary B 153
Education, tribal 154
Elections B 157
Elections J 160
Festivals J 183
Fish culture B 186
Folk art J 188
Forest management J 191
Hygiene B 232
Irrigation B 269
Jharkhand 282
Land reforms B 316
Naxalites B 383
Rice B 459
Rural-urban migration B 466
Social conflict B 521 (AC)
Watersheds J 596
Women B 604 (1930)
GIPL 2006 Ja-Mar 43:1

Agriculture Bihar 4
Manpower Jh 78
Medical Jh 79
Tribes Jh 133
Water rights Jh 140
GIPL 2006 Ap-Je 43:2

Bihar 16
Naxalites 93

GIPL Jl-sp 2006 43:3

Coal mines and mining Jh 26
Education of women B 39
Employment Jh 41
Literacy and illiteracy B 79
Naxalites India 94
Rehabilitation Jh 112

GIPL Oc-Dc 2006 43:4

Bihar 17
Christianity Jh 24
Churches Jh 25
employment B 40
Jainism Jh 66
Rural-urban migration Jh 112
Sikhism Jh 121
Tribes Jh 135
Tribes, Primitive Jh 135

GIPL 2004

Bihar 64
Agriculture, Bihar 15
Caste B 79
C&P, B 80
Children, employment, B 92
4th of July 2007. Travel day - from Charlottesville cars to Richmond, fly to Newark, wait 8 hours, on the plane to Delhi over the north (Halifax, Stockholm, near Moscow, eastern Turkey, near Lahore) to Delhi.

Everyone made it to Richmond, where we put in our luggage, all the way to Delhi, said goodbyes, and went to the gate waiting an hour. Flight to Newark, 10:30 to noon. Then the long 8 hour wait. Camped out first in a side hallway on seats, while I bought cold medicine, a lock, the book Namesake. Then moved to an unused gateway, seated next to a plug, so we connected to Deej and ICQed for a while, Mark looking at his mail and trying out the Lock and SinkSub games for a while, but read his book mainly.

We ate around 6 at the food court's A&W and then went to our gate. Unannounced, but had to double check-in, as they made sure everyone had the right passports and the right visas. A rush to get on as 8:00 approached, and we waded through the crowd to get to our Row 38 seat…