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Showing posts from December, 2004
Working before Christmas. I wish I didn't have to work these 4 days before Christmas eve and Christmas, when almost every one else seems to be off. Oh, well, maybe I'll catch up on some things.

Had a nice pre-Christmas dinner over in the Valley - the predicted snow didn't hit our area, though the Richmond area evidently got a thunder snow shower of about an inch. I cooked the turkey breast, but as usually Sharon cooked all the many other things. Roger and daughters were finishing up putting their tree decorations.

Saturday we went downtown to a busy mall with lots of mall vendors; and then over to Tims to have Deej snap their Christmas photos; which got me busy settting up a 2004 Holiday web page at
which took me late into Saturday evening and very early Sunday morning.

Cold this Monday morning, with the birds in the yard scrambling to get seeds from the empty bird feeder, which we filled before we left for work. …