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Lunar Eclipse, 20th February 2008, from Druid backyard.
Click on image to see a gif animation.

This morning Deej's friend's guys came and cut up one downed rotted maple, and then fell a second rotted one, sawed it up, and took it all away in two hauls in about 2 hours - fast work, and pretty cheaply - boy, am I glad to have that over. We've continued to have high winds all day long, but no further big trees knocked over.

Here's how the back yard looked, the day after the high winds on the 26th December 2007:

And here's a composite photo from today:

Here's a little 31 second video of cutting down the dead tree:
also at Google Video

Just wanted to make a new post so that the Excel file was not the only things seen here.

Winter is passing, Rachel has had her birthday, Solstice is over, a new year, even with a new Curry Club, and a South Asia Center Seminar.


Solstice 2007

Curry Club Jan 2008