07 November 2003

Friday's here again - after a week starting out unseasonably warm followed by more than 2 days of non-stop rain; two birthdays in the week - my daughter's and my older sister's plus one of my high school friends.

Normal Library work with some interesting twists: a shower for a co-worker soon to have a baby; a reference person who also had been in India - he was in Calcutta in the 1960s, and was trying to see a PDF on a bar so he could accurately include it in a novel he's writing; then someone came in with their sons wonderful collection of Central Asia maps. Seminar this afternoon as usual. When will my boss want to go over digital photo instruction and learning today?

Best Buy opens in town today! I earlier looked around for a fm transmitter to use with my PC sound to my radio since my speakers' switch is broken and I can't find a long enough phillips screwdriver to try to fix it. Maybe need to buy a better FM radio to hear this stuff.

House: two guys came by and looked at the kitchen cabinet to pull it out; and Jean called this morning to find out our preferred carpenter will come tomorrow, so we told the other guy, thanks but don't need him. Still have decided between tile top or Formica top?

Digitized some Copland I got from the music dept, for a Christmas gift for Ann older sister through younger one Joan. But haven't gotten Jeff's and my college tape digitized, nor labeled the 1970s CDs with photos from that era.